Welcome to Manchester Cerebral Palsy Society website.

Manchester Cerebral Palsy Society is a not for profit charity which provides support and social opportunities for people with a range of physical disabilities. Our dedicated team of unpaid volunteers organise and run regular group trips, and social activities for our members to enjoy.  These activities reduce the risk of social isolation for many members who live alone and have limited opportunity to access their local community.

Our charity also provide short respite breaks for members, their families and carers at our beautiful holiday home at Ribby Hall in Kirkham, Blackpool.

Our activity programme and respite project are successful soley through our volunteers efforts with organising fundraising events.  We were formerly the Greater Manchester Cerebral Palsy Society Ltd and to reduce overheads and to ensure the long continuation of the charity, we decided to drop our Ltd company status and a name change was required.  We have been working hard to support the people of Greater Manchester for over 51 years.  We hope that by reading more about our history and long standing servitude to the people of Greater Manchester, you will support our charity through clicking on the Donate Now Button, pass on our details to anyone whom you feel would benefit from our support, or even consider lending us a pair of hands and feet at our next fundraising event, any help is gratefuly received.

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Sponsored Bike Ride for MCPS
Check out our latest news to find out about our Hero on wheels who has helped us with our fundraising this year.